• Nov 15 2012

    Sparky’s Toy Drive Drop Off

    As the holiday season is getting closer we would like to write a little bit about holiday cheer & spirit. For the past few years, our lovely groomer Connie has been organizing the Sparky’s Toy Drive within our own clinic. Sparky’s cause helps roughly 3000 children in our area have toys and gifts for Christmas.As a whole, the staff decided we would stop doing Secret Santa between us and help out those in need.  Connie faithfully reminds us each year what and when we can bring in to donate to this amazing cause. And this year is no different with…

  • Nov 12 2012

    Being a Registered Veterinary Technician is the life for me!

    For as long as my parents and I can remember, I had said I wanted to work in the animal field.  I can certainly remember being 4 years old and telling people I was going to work with animals. Sure I had times where I said I also wanted to be a teacher but for the most part it was the animal field.  When I got into the Veterinary Technician program at St Clair College it was one of my happiest moments (for those of you who do not know, there could be over 500 applicants for only 40-50 spots!)…

  • Oct 15 2012

    Halloween Safety!!!

    With Halloween quickly approaching we thought we’d take the opportunity to remind you of some potential hazards for your pets. Remember that decorations can be easily chewed on or ingested causing intestinal upset or even obstruction. Be sure to keep these items out of your pets reach. Halloween candy and treats can be hazardous or toxic. Items such a chocolate, raisins, and sugar free gum can cause serious health complications for your pet. Also, a dog may find that eating the wrappers or containers is the best way to get to the “yummy treat” which can also lead to intestinal…

  • Aug 10 2012

    PET TAIL #2: Jersey’s Story!

    Here is a story about our beloved American Bulldog Jersey. She was with her sister Jada and my father for the weekend. They somehow got out of the yard and took off to the road. My dad went running and much to his relief, he saw Jada running back; not thinking that Jersey had escaped as well. But sadly, Jersey had escaped as well and was hit by a car and thrown into a ditch. I am sad to report tha… t the person did not stop to help my Dad who was alone, with a dog who could not…

  • Aug 02 2012

    Pet Tale: Stella

    Our First PET TALE! **STELLA’S STORY**

    We decided to take our first big family vacation after having our baby this summer. We packed up and headed out, our family of 3 plus our 2 four-legged babies, Stella and Colt. We were enjoying the wonderful weather and sun on a cottage on Go Home Lake with the rest of our family. It was very exciting to see Stella swim for the first time! She was a fish in the water just like her big brother Colt. It was very entertaining watching Colt and Stella play and socialize with their 2 four legged cousins and 2 four legged…

  • Jul 20 2012

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    Why I like Animals

    Why I like Dogs and Cats I have often contemplated why I was drawn to animals from an early age, and why that fascination continues today. My conclusion is that I like dogs and cats mainly because they are not people. Anyone who has read my previous blogs may take issue with that statement because I have stated that I really like people and this is a necessary trait in a veterinarian today. My point today is that I can like people but also enjoy the fact that animals are not people. I think it is like saying you like…

  • Jul 18 2012

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    Our first Trim Claws For A Cause charity event held on July 15, 2012 was a success! We offered nail trims for any dog, cat or pocket pet in exchange for a donation of 2 canned goods or a monetary donation. We also sold hotdogs, drinks, raffle tickets (for some pretty awesome prizes) and bandanas. All the proceeds were donated to the WINDSOR DOWNTOWN MISSION. The staff of South Windsor Animal Hospital (and some of their family) came and volunteered their time to help out with this event. We had many clients and non-clients attend and we were so grateful…

  • Jun 01 2012

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    To All Future Veterinarians….

    I get many parents telling me their children want to be veterinarians when they grow up. I wanted to be a veterinarian from the time I was five years old and it has worked out very well for me. I love my profession and it continues to be a fascinating way to earn a living. My advice to all these potential new vets is that they need to love animals first and foremost but that they also need to realise they are going to have to work with people as well. A few years ago, the Ontario Veterinary College surveyed…

  • May 22 2012

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    Our First Blog! I Like Being Part Of A Community!

    I like being part of a community! I firmly believe human evolution has been shaped by the fact that we are pack animals. At the earliest stages of our development we were living in packs on the Serengeti, hunting together and supporting one another. That is how the pack survived. This original pack organization has created many of the behaviours we now exhibit, though we probably attribute them to higher reasoning abilities or other more evolved sounding origins. I believe this dictates that we do better, feel better and prosper as a community when we support one another in our…