PET TAIL #2: Jersey’s Story!

By August 10, 2012 Uncategorized
Here is a story about our beloved American Bulldog Jersey. She was with her sister Jada and my father for the weekend. They somehow got out of the yard and took off to the road. My dad went running and much to his relief, he saw Jada running back; not thinking that Jersey had escaped as well. But sadly, Jersey had escaped as well and was hit by a car and thrown into a ditch. I am sad to report tha…

t the person did not stop to help my Dad who was alone, with a dog who could not walk, vomiting blood, and weighed 120 pounds. Our poor little girl ended up with 2 broken legs and had to live in splints for EIGHT weeks! She developed pressure ulcers in both legs from the splints, and had to undergo emergency surgery to her right paw to salvage what they could. She lost her “pinky” digit as well as her “thumb” and had to heal without the help of the splints. It was extremely hard to watch her go through everything she did; and much to our amazement, she is doing fantastic today! Her front legs bow inwards and are not straight up and down like they were, but she has learned to adapt and does not let this slow her down! Hope her story is an inspiration! It takes a very special person to do the job you guys do!
Thank you for reading her story, Lisa

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