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Pet Tale: Stella

We decided to take our first big family vacation after having our baby this summer. We packed up and headed out, our family of 3 plus our 2 four-legged babies, Stella and Colt. We were enjoying the wonderful weather and sun on a cottage on Go Home Lake with the rest of our family. It was very exciting to see Stella swim for the first time! She was a fish in the water just like her big brother Colt. It was very entertaining watching Colt and Stella play and socialize with their 2 four legged cousins and 2 four legged Aunt’s. And we were having a great time until Stella started vomiting. This was 4 days into our trip, we thought she just swallowed too much lake water from the swimming. That was until later that night, a couple smaller pieces of corn cob made its appearance in her vomit. What? She didn’t get into anything! Bbut we realized that someone had been throwing cobs in the bushes and she enjoyed herself while out there. The vomiting subsided by the morning (the day we were leaving to come home) and she managed to have 2 bowel movements as well. She was content in the long car ride and she was quiet when we came home, as was Colt. We thought it was from all of the running and swimming for the past 5 days. At this point we thought we were in the clear of anything serious being wrong. It wasn’t until 11pm that night that’s she started vomiting again, we became very worried about our ‘baby bell’. We called Dr Chamandy the next day and brought her in for an appointment. It was then that we found out she had an obstruction. Stella spent the day with Dr Chamandy and his staff initially for xrays and then for an exploratory surgery. Dr Chamandy removed multiple pieces of corn cobs from Stella‚Äôs stomach!
The night we brought Stella home she was quiet, which we expected, and very cuddly. By the next day, even after major surgery she was back to her regular self-trying to play with her brother Colt.
We were very worried about our Baby Bell, but thankfully Dr Chamandy and his quick actions allowed our girl to be right back where she belonged- with her family.

Thank you!

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