Our First Blog! I Like Being Part Of A Community!

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I like being part of a community!

I firmly believe human evolution has been shaped by the fact that we are pack
animals. At the earliest stages of our development we were living in packs on
the Serengeti, hunting together and supporting one another. That is how the
pack survived.

This original pack organization has created many of the behaviours we now
exhibit, though we probably attribute them to higher reasoning abilities or
other more evolved sounding origins. I believe this dictates that we do better,
feel better and prosper as a community when we support one another in our

For me, it means trying to keep the idea of
community at the fore front in my daily decision making. When I choose a dentist
or a mechanic or shop for my wife’s birthday present, I try to support members
of the South Windsor Animal Hospital community.
Sometimes this becomes complicated (what happens when you have five
clients who are lawyers?) but I do the best I can.

On a larger scale, I try to support my Windsor
community. Certainly this means driving a North American built vehicle, but it
also means eating in local restaurants and shopping, preferably, in Windsor
stores. My thoughts on the hypocrisy of
having a “Buy A North American Vehicle” sticker on your bumper while you sit in
customs to buy your American groceries or clothes is something my wife has to
listen to whenever we do go over the border.

I also believe we should support our community in
non-commercial ways. The South Windsor Animal Hospital has a long history of
going into schools or children’s groups and giving presentations on the
companion animal industry and safety with dogs.
We enjoy doing this and the kids seem to really like it. We are now
adding another event to our community support calendar. On Sunday, July 15, 2012
between 10am-2pm, the entire staff of the South Windsor Animal Hospital will be
at our hospital providing free nail trims for any cat or dog or pocket pet (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs). In exchange for the nail trim, we are asking pet
owners to make a food donation (minimum of 2 cans) or monetary donation which
will be given to the Windsor Downtown Mission. This event is open to clients
and non-clients. We ask that all cats be
transported in pet carriers and all dogs stay on their leashes at all
times. We also ask to minimize socializing
between dogs as these encounters are not always predictable.

We are looking forward to helping support this great Windsor charity. We
welcome all pet owners to help us support our community.

Thank you

Dr Chris Chamandy

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