Flea Control

A flea problem for your pet means a flea problem for your home. Understanding the flea life cycle and methods for control can be a daunting task. In Windsor, fleas can be an issue 12 months of the year.

Our recommendation to rid your premises and your pet of fleas is to use a prescription flea prevention/control medication. This can be a topical medication such as Advantage or Revolution or an oral medication such as Nexgard or Trifexis.

You should wash any bedding your pet may sleep or sit on in hot water. Also, vacuum your house (even the floors) and throw the vacuum bag or container contents directly outside (as fleas can actually crawl out of the vacuum!). You should do this thoroughly the day you apply or give the first dose of medication as well as 3-4 weeks later just before your next dose.

Some patients can have an allergy to flea bites which can lead to severe itching and skin issues such as sores and infections.

If you think your pet has fleas, please do not hesitate to call us so we can determine the best course of action for your and your pet.