Connie, our groomer, has been making pets beautiful at South Windsor Animal Hospital since 1997. Connie’s goal is to ensure pet owners are enthralled with the look of their freshly groomed pet as well as make the experience stress free and fun for the animals. During your pets grooming session, he/she will receive a bath, haircut of your choice, nail trim and ear cleaning. We will also check and clean your pet’s eyes, paws and pads. Bathing and nail trimming can be a stressful event for both pets and their owners when done at home. Having a professional groomer provide these services can help reduce this stress. Grooming has health benefits for animals in addition to its aesthetic value. Regular brushing helps remove loose fur, mats and dirt and distributes natural oils throughout the fur, keeping the coat clean and healthy. Trimming fur around the face, ears, paw pads, bum and other areas can help prevent infections, irritation and keep debris from accumulating in these areas. Trimming nails can help prevent joint pain, stiffness and torn nails. In addition to providing grooming services, we can teach owners techniques to help keep their pet looking good between their regular grooms. Feel free to ask for a product recommendation or browse our pet-safe shampoos, conditioners and other grooming products in our reception area. To book an appointment please call Connie directly at 519-946-0703.

Medicated Baths

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Medicated baths can help ease many skin conditions in your pet. If he or she suffers from seborrhoea (a noncontagious condition that can cause skin to become dry and flaky or oily and scaly), a medicated bath can help alleviate the itching. Pets with allergies, flea infestations, and other skin issues may also find relief with a medicated bath.

We can recommend a bath after we’ve examined your pet and diagnosed the problem. Illnesses unrelated to the skin, such as thyroid disease, can also cause skin problems in pets, so we want to be sure we’re treating the root of the problem, not just a symptom. Call us so we can help your pet feel better.