• Jan 23 2023

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    Feline Arthritis: What Is It & What Can We Do?

    Arthritis sucks. I know that's a bit of an unorthodox way to start a blog, but why beat around the bush on something so obviously true! And yes, fine, I’m still a young spring chicken (relative to Dr.Chamandy but don’t tell him I said that), what do I know about arthritis? Well let’s learn together, friends.     Arthritis is defined as a chronic degenerative disease resulting in changes to the tissues that comprise a joint, such as cartilage, joint capsule, and surrounding bone. So what does that mean? Let’s take a look at the diagram below: The surrounding light blue...
  • Aug 29 2022

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    The History of Our Feline Friends

    Hello friends! Welcome to my first blog post :) You may already know that South Windsor Animal Hospital is promoting our Feline Focus Month! So, now that all the dog people have read that first sentence and scrolled on, let’s talk about cats! Yay Cats! Before I get started, myself and the other SWAH Doctors have already filmed an educational video answering some FAQ we get about your feline friends, so go check that out on our Facebook page! Here’s a fun fact about myself: if I wasn’t going into veterinary medicine, I probably would have studied history of some...
  • May 17 2020

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    Clinic Update

    Clinic Procedure- COVID Update The Ontario government has allowed veterinary hospitals to resume normal operations starting on Tuesday May 19 with the stipulation that we continue practicing social distancing and take measures to protect our clients and staff. The South Windsor Animal Hospital will begin a gradual transition on this date to accommodate our patients’ needs while maintaining the safety of our hospital. Due to the inability to perform routine procedures for the last two months, we are experiencing a backlog and will prioritize certain cases in our attempts to work through this back log. Starting on Tuesday May 19,…

  • Apr 04 2020

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    Updated Office Hours Aug 2020

    OFFICE HOURS STARTING  MONDAY        8 am – 7 pm TUESDAY         8 am – 7 pm WEDNESDAY 8 am – 7 pm THURSDAYS  8 am – 7 pm FRIDAY            8 am – 7 pm SATURDAY      8 am – 12 pm SUNDAY           CLOSED In order to comply with social distancing measures in Ontario, our front door is locked. Please call in advance to make an appointment for your pet or if you need to pick up food or medication. Our hospital phone number is 519 969-7390 If you have a cough, fever,…

  • Mar 31 2020

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    Important Update to Clinic Hours and Protocols in response to COVID

    The public health situation with COVID continues to evolve and change daily. The South Windsor Animal Hospital is assessing our protocols in order to keep our clients, our staff and the community as safe as possible. Please be advised that as of Monday March 23, 2020, we will not be seeing walk-in traffic in our reception area. Our front door will be locked. Clients who need to pick up food or medications are requested to call to schedule a time to pick these up. We will be taking payment over the phone with a Visa or Mastercard ONLY at that time….

  • Oct 11 2019

    Pocket Pet General Health information

    Some of us may have had pocket pets while we were growing up, but many have not had these experiences. While this is not all encompassing information, here is some basic information about some of these species. There is a separate blog on Guinea Pigs: , and a rabbit blog is in the works! Hamsters Hamsters are crepuscular animals, this means they are awake at twilight and dawn. Usually we don’t recommend keeping a hamster in a bedroom, unless you are a heavy sleeper, since those wheels go off when we are sleeping.  There are different types of food available…

  • Nov 19 2018

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    Guinea Pigs

                    Guinea pigs are great pets, they are inquisitive and social, are very well mannered, and live around 5-6 years of age (though some can get as old as 8 years!). They originate from South America, and they are found in four different types of coats: Peruvian (long-haired), Abyssinian (with coats in whorls, rougher coat), Smooth coated, or hairless (a.k.a. skinny pigs).                 Male guinea pigs are called boars, with females called sows, just like real pigs. They make many different types of noises, including short chirps and ‘wheeks’ to get your attention…

  • Oct 04 2018

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    October is RVT Month

    Registered Veterinary Technicians are wonderful, important members of the Veterinary Team.  They are involved with every part of medicine from birthing puppies, through vaccine appointments and illnesses, through to helping us when we lose a pet family member. They are experts in taking an animal’s blood for wellness profiles, delivering anesthesia to our patients, performing dental cleanings, taking x-rays, administering medications and treatments, as well as delivering compassionate care to each and every creature. Becoming a Veterinary Technician is a choice to become patient advocates, discussing cases with the veterinarians and ensuring concerns are heard.  They are knowledgeable in disease,…

  • Aug 31 2018

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    Online Remedies- Ask your vet!

    The internet can encyclopedic, with great information, but you have to be a skeptic.  Some information can be misinformation, or even harmful to your pets, but it can be difficult to sort out! Also, many times information is anecdotal, without the scientific evidence backing it to prove it is true.  When researching as to whether an item is appropriate or not to use for your pet, give your vet a call. This will likely be the best resource for you, since they know your pet well, and can tell you the safety for that specific animal.  Secondarily, sources such as…

  • Mar 02 2018

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    Minimizing Cat Predation of Birds and Small Mammals

    March, 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                     …